Simplify, this is the key to effective cybersecurity messaging

Simplify, this is the key to effective cybersecurity messaging.

Simplify, this is the key to effective cybersecurity messaging. In cybersecurity leadership, effective messaging/communication will make or break you. I have written about the need to translate in our industry. This needs to be augmented by this notion of simplicity.

I often share the following challenge with my peers and/or those coming up in this field …. All you have is a white piece of paper and three colored crayons. With this toolkit design an effective visual and then construct the messaging around it. If you can effectively work with these limited tools then you are on a positive path to effectively relay a digestible message to a varied audience.

The audience matters. More importantly their experience, knowledge base and focal areas matter. A simple messaging pattern can act as a low common denominator that can positively impact an audience of varied executives and/or directors. There are other human elements that come into play, for example emotional responses to events. I speak about some of this with SC Magazine here.

Another challenge that is very popular with Entrepreneurs is the development, and relaying, of an elevator pitch. If you can’t sell your program or effectively relay a message within a very tight time frame (i.e. 30 seconds, etc) then your communication patterns may need some attention. I always think back to my startup days when we pitched to investors and had to go out there to raise money. A simple, clear, super concise and focused message was the tactic, technique and procedure to success. While most CISOs are not running around raising money they can benefit from developing this art/skill.

Ultimately remember to simplify, this is the key to effective cybersecurity messaging.

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