Had a great Q&A Session with Education Technology Insights

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I recently had a great Q&A Session with Education Technology Insights where I shared some thoughts. The subject was Cybersecurity and some general thoughts on what is currently, and what may be coming. This was enjoyable in that it had me step back a bit and think about the bigger, more abstract, picture.

The questions they asked me:

1. What are some of the major challenges and trends that have been impacting the Cybersecurity space lately?

2. What keeps you up at night when it comes to some of the major predicaments in the Cybersecurity space?

3. Can you tell us about the latest project that you have been working on and what are some of the technological and process elements that you leveraged to make the project successful?

4. Which are some of the technological trends which excite you for the future of the Cybersecurity space?

5. How can the budding and evolving companies reach you for suggestions to streamline their business?

The name of the article with my perspectives is “Protecting Critical Space Assets from Cyber Threats” and it can be found here: link.

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